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Flint Nutrition Premium Health Supplements

Flint Nutrition is a family owned and operated business dedicated to promoting health and fitness. Our products are 100% natural, made of ingredients you can pronounce, and formulated with care just for you!

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Explore Our Range of Exceptional Nutritional Solutions

Everything we offer at Flint Nutrition is made with the greatest of care and positive intention. Only the best for our family - which includes you as well! Ingredients for our Meal Replacement powders are U.S sourced and certified organic. Our Health and Beauty products are hand-made from natural and organic materials so you can use them with peace of mind.


Elevate Your Active Lifestyle with Our Superfood Blend!

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Enhance Vitality with Our Harmonizing Formula

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Revitalize Your Hands with Our Soothing Formula

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About Us

After years of trying different meal replacement brands and mixing (way too many!) individual ingredients to make that "Perfect Shake", we decided to formulate our own blend.  Foundation meal replacement is the end result of that quest for perfection.  It's so good we want to make it available to everyone!  Below are a few of the wonderful ingredients that make up Foundation!  Hover over the "May Support" tab to learn more about each ingredient!

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