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Where It All Began

Pioneers of Health & Wellness

Flint Nutrition was a long time in the making.  Just a little spark of an idea that evolved over time through life experiences, research, education, and a lot of conversations.  Brothers Russ and Derrick Flint took a leap of faith in January 2023 to start the business, later recruiting Russ’s wife, Jeri, to join the team (and keep them in line.)

Sometimes you have an interest or a “passion” for something that just doesn’t go away.  That’s the best way to describe our interest in health and fitness.  Russ has always been active, playing sports, hiking, cycling, working out – you name it, he did it – from the time he was a kid.  Derrick was the same way – weightlifting, backpacking, and teasing little brother Russ.  Jeri started making up workout routines at the age of 11 and has worked in the fitness industry since leaving high school.  In fact, she met Russ when he attended one of her group fitness classes at a gym many moons ago.

So, it’s pretty obvious that we all share a passion for being healthy – and a big part of good health is what we put in our bodies.  Once we three were “old enough” to make our own choices about food, we took different paths but all with one common goal – optimal nutrition for excellent performance.  That is what we want to make available to EVERYBODY on the planet – with out your spending valuable time and energy figuring out how to achieve it.  We have done the legwork – now you can reap the benefits!

Formulating Foundation was the first step in getting Flint Nutrition off the ground.  We had spent years mixing together individual ingredients to make our own shake blends since there was nothing out there that provided everything, we wanted in a meal replacement shake – and trust me, we have tried them all.

Some had great ingredients but tasted terrible.  Others had too many artificial ingredients and sugars, or not enough of the type of superfoods and adaptogens we were looking for.  Many times, we joked that it took forever to make a shake because we had to get out an army of different powders just to make one shake serving!!  We spent A LOT of money on the products over the years.  Out pantry looked like a nutritional supplement warehouse….

Finally, the lightbulb came on!  Russ and Derrick started talking about the possibility of creating our own custom complete meal replacement shake mix that provided the perfect blend of nutrients, superfoods, adaptogens and amazing flavor.  Not only would it make our lives easier, but we could help others achieve their nutrition and fitness goals as well.

It took about two years of trial and error, research, endless taste tests, ingredient adjustments, and the inevitable red tape that is part of all business ventures.  At last, we had the magical blend of nutrition and taste that we call FOUNDATION.  We are very proud to be able to offer this chocolaty superfood meal replacement product to you.  It is 100% organic, 100% vegan with all natural ingredients that provide the absolute perfect nutrition to keep your body strong and healthy, support your cognitive processes (mind) and refresh your spirit with its rich and satisfying taste.

But we didn’t stop there…

You know, you only get one body, and it’s the only place you have to live.  So, it is probably a good idea to take excellent care of it.  With that in mind, we decided to offer additional natural health support products and services as part of Flint Nutrition’s commitment to your healthy future.

Our certified herbalist has formulated a variety of herbal tea blends to support various body systems and health concerns.  Sometimes all your body needs is just a little help from Mother Nature to achieve healing.  We also will be offering an ever-increasing inventory of natural herbal products to help you take care of your wonderful home – your body!

Nutrition Coaching services will be available soon to assist you in achieving your health goals through nutrition planning.  There is no quick fix, gimmick, or fad diet that will result in sustainable weight management, optimal nutrition and performance.  WE can help you with an individualized, realistic, and doable nutrition plan that WILL work for you.

We hope you will join the journey towards perfect health and nutrition with us.  Remember, a healthy future begins now!!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns – we are here for you.


Have a blessed day!

Russ, Derrick, and Jeri

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