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The Right Stuff Supplement - Flint Nutrition

The Right Stuff Supplement - Flint Nutrition

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The Right Stuff 

Ladies, this one's for you (but you can share with the fellas if they ask nicely). Formulated to support weight loss AND alleviate symptoms of menopause, I can’t think of a better tea to get your hands on. The key herb, Rooibos, acts by naturally inhibiting fat storage as well as increasing fat metabolism. Motherwort is the heavy hitter to combat all those pesky mood swings, hot flashes, and water retention that go hand in hand with menopause. The supporting herbs work to reinforce the action of Rooibos and Motherwort, making this a real “go-to” tea for both weight loss and positive mental outlook. Bonus - it tastes amazing!! Definitely my new favorite blend.

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