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Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt

Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt

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Baja Gold Beginnings

Baja Gold Sea Salt is harvested at an inland lagoon located in a remote and pristine estuary on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. One of the most biologically diverse and mineral-rich bodies of water on earth, the Sea of Cortez remains today a clean and undeveloped waterscape.


Heritage Creation Techniques

The tradition of creating sea salt from the Sea of Cortez was first mentioned in pre-Colombian history when its prized product was sent as tribute to the Aztec emperor. Thanks to salt-making traditions inherited and continually passed down through the generations, Baja Gold is produced by using time-tested salt-making methods.


The Most Minerals and Trace Element Nutrients

Unrefined Baja Gold Sea Salt contains all of the minerals and trace elements known to exist in seawater, at higher levels than any other mineral sea salt. Our production process and minor sediment from the sandy floor of the retention ponds provide additional minerals and trace element compounds and give Baja Gold an off-white or slightly beige (or even gray) appearance. The taste and aroma of these compounds, even in minute concentrations, are often detectable by humans.


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